Show Open

The main title open concept uses macro photography and unconventional perspectives to create a metaphorical representation of the show's premise. The storyboard combines cinematic treatment of images with basketball action sound effects to provide an immersive experience and captivate viewers from the first frame. It effectively communicates the show's focus on exploring the game from a unique angle and sets the tone for an engaging viewing experience.

Mobile App​​​​​​​

"Detail" is an exceptional tool that enables viewers to comprehend the intricate complexities and strategic gameplay. The show serves as an educational tool for casual fans, aspiring young players, and even professionals. To further advance its mission, a companion mobile app can serve as a valuable asset. By incorporating interactivity, users can gain a deeper understanding of the subject matter and elevate their overall experience.
The proposed app contains innovative features that can add a new dimension to the show's content. For instance, "One on One" training can be offered to young aspiring players, helping them hone their skills and techniques. Additionally, the "In-Camera" personal analysis of the game can include guest appearances from notable players and coaches. These features can provide fresh and inspiring content for the app, while also enhancing the dynamic pace of the ESPN+ streaming show.
In the accompanying frames, we have visual concepts for the app that reflect its potential. The incorporation of such features will undoubtedly provide users with an immersive and engaging experience.

The application graphics language is based on the Detail logo spotlight triangular shape.
This language is utilized as a system to display information and content throughout the app. The typography and iconography layout makes use of the same angles. This visual expression crosses every touchpoint and strengthens the Detail brand in a subliminal way.

Client: ESPN
Executive Producer: Kobe Bryant
Production Company: Granity Studios

Kobe and Gianna Bryant will always be cherished for their remarkable passion and dedication to basketball, leaving an enduring legacy. Rest in peace.​​​​​​​

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